At Hearts Funeral, we have specially designed packages for various needs as follow: However, families who are unsure of which type of funeral to hold for their bereaved need not worry, as we can customize a bespoke funeral that caters to all.

Funeral Packages Starting from S$3888

Includes Free Online Obituary and Visitor Booking System

With more than 20 years experience as undertakers, we have helped run many Buddhist Funerals.

Taoist Funerals are often the most elaborate in Singapore. We know Taoist Funeral traditions well.

A good Christian funeral is often both meaningful and uplifting. We can help make this happen.

We are familiar with Catholic Funeral rites including the vigil, funeral liturgy and committal.

Non Religious (Free Thinker) funerals can be simple or elaborate. We can help offer you ideas.

 The funeral parlours we use range from no frills ones for those on a budget, to lavish ones for those who appreciate a little more comfort.