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The Funeral Packages We Offer

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Buddhist Funeral Package

As experts in Buddhist funerals in Singapore, we understand the need for dignified send-offs according to the Buddhist faith. We ensure that all the requirements for a proper Buddhist funeral is carried out.

Taoist Funeral Package​

Taoist funeral services in Singapore vary according to a family’s dialect group. Food offerings, ceremonial items, prayers and chants are those that differ from dialect group to another. 

Christian Funeral Package​

We help families plan personalised funerals for your dearly departed. Deciding on the type of casket you want, the flowers you wish to have, and the place to have your wake are just some of many details to think about. 

Catholic Funeral Package​

We provide traditional Catholic funeral packages in Singapore where you can choose and customise a package for your deceased loved one. During our funeral coordination, we will walk you through the arrangements in setting up your preferred funeral procession. Packages are tailored to your needs.

Free Thinker Funeral

For non-religious/atheistic families and individuals without religious conformity, we provides funeral packages for non-religious people – A simple final send-off. We professionally handle funeral arrangements and processions for your loved ones from start to finish.

Funeral Parlour Package​

Funeral parlours are places with air-conditioned seating areas, wireless internet access, and washroom facilities. These parlours also offer the invaluable option for bereaved families to close up the parlour they are using, which eliminates the gruelling practice of keeping vigil overnight.

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  • Peace Of Mind

    It is tough and painful to handle the demise of a loved ones and it can be challenging when arranging for a funeral especially during this emotional period. This is where we will let you have a peace of mind to mourn during the bereaved period.

  • Satisfaction At Any Budget

    In times like this, we believe in being transparent and affordable to all our customers. Our competitive funeral packages are for all to see. We honour what is being quoted and advertise and this means business to us so that you can have a peace of mind.

  • One-Stop Shop For Pre And Post Funeral Service

    Understanding and learning every tradition and religion, we're a one-stop solution catered just for you. Be it a simple or a grand funeral, we've got it all covered just for you. Our services even include any pre/post funeral related services such as Estate Planning, WIll Writing, or even Pre-planning funeral for you and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare For a funeral in Singapore?

After your loved one passes on, you will have to arrange for the funeral. Read on to find out the tasks involved in preparing for a funeral.
If you’re unsure, let us assist you. Contact us @ 98289318.

Step 1: Obtain Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

Contact your family doctor who has been attending to the deceased. If you do not have a family doctor, or if the family doctor is not available, you can contact us.
If the doctor is able to certify the death, he will issue the CCOD on the spot. If he is unable to certify the death, call the police for the body to be sent to Mortuary @ HSA (located at Block 9, Singapore General Hospital). The family will be notified by the police when to go to the Mortuary @ HSA (usually the next day).
What to bring to Mortuary@HSA:
  • All medical documents related to the deceased
  • All medicine consumed by the deceased
  • Identification papers of the deceased and informant e.g. NRIC/ Passport/ Certificate of Registration of Birth/ FIN card
At the Mortuary@HSA
  • The police investigator will arrange for the family to view and identify the deceased’s body in the presence of the coroner.
  • The coroner will review the case and determine if an autopsy is required.
  • The family will be informed of the coroner’s decision and the time to claim the body for the funeral.
If the autopsy reveals that the death is unnatural, the police will need to conduct further investigations into the cause of death, and the family will need to assist. Once the investigation is completed, the family will be told by the Police to attend a coroner’s inquiry at the Subordinate Courts.

Step 2: Engage a Funeral Director

After the CCOD has been obtained, the family may engage a funeral director who will:

  1. Collect the body from the home or hospital mortuary
  2. Send the body for embalming if required, and
  3. Deliver the body to the location of the wake/funeral

If you’re unsure, let us assist you at this step onwards, contact us @ 98289318.

Step 3: The family will have to register the death at any Neighbourhood Police Centre

Prior to registration, the family should decide whether the body will be cremated or buried, as this information is required when registering the death.

Step 4: Placing an Obituary (optional)

Obituary is a public notice of death through the local newspapers.

The National Environment Agency website shares the contact details of local newspapers where you can place the obituary.

Step 5: Arranging the Wake and Funeral

Funerals and wakes are intended for family, friends and acquaintances to pay their respects to the deceased and comfort the bereaved. You can choose to have the wake at your own home, or at the funeral parlour. You could also hold the wake at the void deck. Permissions required include:

  • Town Council: To get a permit to hold the wake at the void deck
  • Land Transport Authority: To use part of the road outside your landed property
  • National Environment Agency: To extend the funeral wake for more than seven days

Your funeral director will organise the logistics for the wake and/or funeral. This includes getting the necessary approvals, setting up the funeral parlour, arrange for prayers, and more.

Step 6: Preparing for Burial or Cremation

You can book a date and time for cremation or burial at the relevant booking office, through the phone, or online. The National Environment Agency details the relevant offices’ contacts and charges involved.

You will need the following documents:

  • NRIC of the applicant and next-of-kin
  • Original Death Certificate (which contains the Permit to Bury/Cremate)

Step 7: Storage of Ashes/ Scattering the Ashes at Sea

Every family has its own preferences for the ashes of the deceased. There are normally two options:

a) Storing the Ashes

You can store the ashes at home or in a columbarium. There are government-managed columbaria and several private columbaria in Singapore.

To book a niche (a place to store the ashes), you will need your NRIC and the original Death Certificate of your loved one. You can book a niche in a government-managed columbarium online, or contact a private columbarium directly.

b) Scattering the Ashes at Sea

You can scatter the ashes at sea at the approved site 1.5 nautical miles (2.8km) south of Pulau Semakau.

This can be done daily, from 7am to 7pm. Please contact the Port Marine Safety Control Centre at 6325-2488 for assistance on scattering the ashes at sea.

For more information on the practical tasks after death, Singapore Hospice Council’s When a Death Occurs – A Guide to Practical Matters is a useful guide.

Alternatively, you may consider inland ash scattering garden as a new option at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex. The garden is opened from 9am to 5pm daily and each family is allowed two hours to complete the ash scattering and rites, with fees incurred. For more information, find out more on NEA’s website.

What is Embalming, and is it necessary?

Embalming is a procedure carried out to delay decomposition of the body. The bodily fluids are removed, and are replaced with formaldehyde-based chemical solutions that will delay decomposition. It may be necessary, if you select certain arrangements, such as a funeral with viewing, or with an open casket. It is also typically done when the body is to be transported over long distances or across borders. 

If you do not want embalming, you may choose an arrangement that does not require viewing. A funeral wake may still be held, as long as the body is placed in a hermetically sealed coffin (without a viewing window), for a period not exceeding 7 days after the death. 

Note: Embalming may not be allowed if the deceased passed on due to certain infectious diseases, e.g. COVID-19 disease. 

Should I Go For Tentage Funerals? What are the Factors to Consider?


Tentage Funerals can be set up for both HDB funerals and also on landed property and other outdoor locations as well. In general, it is more expensive to set up funeral tentage in private property or funeral parlours than at a void deck or multi-purpose hall.

How Many Guests?
The more guests you have, the more tentage space you’ll need.

If you have a tight budget, it is ok to have a smaller wake just for relatives & close friends of the deceased.

Duration of Funeral:
In Singapore, funeral tentage services are charged by the day. Although cost may be a consideration for wake duration, you should also consider religious & cultural factors.

What are the steps to take moving forward for a Tentage Funeral?


1. Engage a funeral service provider

The 1st step is to engage a good funeral service provider. An experienced funeral service provider like Hearts Funeral Singapore will assist & guide you properly through all the funeral arrangements.

2.Confirm your location

The next step is to confirm where to hold the funeral. Once the location is confirmed, we will be able to gauge how much tentage is needed.

3. Obtain the necessary permits
For void deck funerals, you need to obtain a permit from your local Town Council. When making the booking at Town Council, you will be advised on the available locations and booking dates. Please be advised that only the family member living in the same GRC as the location of the booking can make the booking.
Remember to bring the following documents when making your booking:
  • The death certificate
  • Your NRIC
Meanwhile, those held on landed property will need a permit from the TRAFFIC POLICE (TP).
4. Choose your preferred tentage setup
Your tentage set up can depend on multiple factors such as the area of space and even religious requirements. Some religions in Singapore have very specific tentage requirements that need to be adhered to. For instance, Taoist wakes require additional tentage just for religious rites.
If you have any custom tentage requests such as air conditioning and digital equipment, feel free to let us know so that we can accommodate them.

Can Pregnant Ladies attend Funerals?

In Chinese culture, funerals are considered unlucky. So pregnant women are advised to avoid going to funeral-related activities. If you have to, wearing an auspicious red scarf around the belly is said to counter the negative energy from funerals.
The taboo against attending a funeral when pregnant can be easily understood as funerals are associated with death and sickness. These are environments filled with “yin” energy, which is not healthy for a pregnant woman who needs to be surrounded by plenty of “yang” energy.
There is no hard and fast rule as to whether a pregnant lady can attend a funeral or ceremony. It depends on how you feel, and it would be advisable to check in with the bereaving family and your own family (if you are attending as a guest) as this is seen as a taboo to some.

Can my family choose not to hold a funeral wake, before the cremation or burial?

Yes, it is entirely up to the choice of families on the types of funeral services they wish to carry out for their deceased loved ones. Some families may opt for “direct cremation” or “direct burial”, where the body is sent for cremation or burial shortly after passing. Families may conduct simple prayer services at home, or at the crematorium service hall, before the cremation. Some families may also choose to hold the memorial service after the cremation, i.e. the ashes are present at the memorial instead of the body. 

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What are the usual components in a funeral package?

The types of services/products in a funeral arrangement will vary, depending on the religious beliefs, preferences of the family (including those expressed by the deceased before their passing) and customs. Families are advised to make their own enquiries ad seek independent advice where applicable. 

Our Various Funeral Setups

What Others Say About Us...

On behalf of Mdm Chong Fong Thai’s family, I would like to thank your team for their professional service. Especially to Ryan, Kiang Leng and Nikki for being around guiding and attending to our family needs. From hospital to Mandai crematorium, everything was perfectly planned and executed. Even though we opted for a free thinker ceremony, a touch of Chinese custom was done and together with the emcee speech, everyone in the bereaved families was truly touched. The flower on the casket was done beautifully too. Not forgetting the rest who were involved and I’m not able to name them out. Thank you so much and we really appreciate your team’s thoughtful services.

Gladys Tan


I would like to thank Henry for being a constant source of support and a point of contact throughout the wake. Despite our somewhat unusual requests to celebrate our late mother’s life, your company was able to fulfil them perfectly. Thank you for your patience.



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