Who We Are

At Hearts Funeral Singapore, we believe in upholding the sanctity and respect for the departed, providing comprehensive, bespoke funeral services that are specifically tailored to every individual’s unique needs and preferences. Our mission is to deliver dignified, personalized, and transparent funerals, ensuring that every person’s life is commemorated in a respectful and meaningful manner.

Our team is a unique blend of young, dynamic professionals and seasoned industry veterans. This combination allows us to offer modern, innovative funeral services while still maintaining and respecting time-honored traditions. We constantly strive to strike the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, ensuring that our services meet the needs and expectations of the modern family, while still paying homage to the rituals and customs that are fundamental to our clients’ beliefs and cultures.





Emotional Support


We understand the deep emotional turmoil families go through during the difficult time of losing a loved one.

Our service levels are of the highest caliber, adhering to an unwavering standard of excellence. At Hearts Funeral Singapore, we don’t just organize funerals; we provide solace, comfort, and emotional support. We go above and beyond, focusing not just on the practicalities of the funeral arrangements but also on the emotional needs of those left behind. We help families navigate their grief and facilitate a healing process that honors their loved one’s memory.
Hearts Funeral Singapore, where hearts are put first and the journey of grief is navigated with compassion, dignity, and respect. Your sorrow is ours, and your loved one’s memory is entrusted in our capable and caring hands.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Serving with Heart, Guided by Respect and Empathy